Looking for something fresh, interesting and EFFECTIVE to say while introducing yourself at a BNI or other networking event? This approach makes you memorable!

Normally, everyone blabs for 60 about how great they and their company are. Quite frankly, nobody really cares about you or your company. And, because everyone uses the same tactical line of thinking – everyone sounds the same, ie:

“Hi, I’m Pat Smith from the Widget Corporation. We’re a full service widget company that specializes in customer service. We really go the extra mile for our customers and I invite you to stop by and see the new Widget 2000. It’s a great product I’m sure you’ll love. Blah, blah, blah, etc… etc…”

Here’s how to develop a business networking intro or “elevator speech” that is truly effective.

Things You’ll Need:

An open mind and the ability to change you mindset.

1. Step 1

If you’d really like to stand out, then say something memorable … something that may have a benefit to the listener and positions you as an expert in your field. Give a 60 solution or a :60 second explanation of something that PROVES your expertise. So step one is: Think about some bit of knowledge that you have, that will be helpful for others to know.

2. Step 2

Think about questions people ask you about your job? What questions do you find yourself answering over and over to clients or customers? Another way to think about it is, what unsolicited advice do you give to your clients or customers constantly?

3. Step 3

Write down what comes to mind. You don’t have to do it in one sitting. Write them in a notebook that you can keep with you. It may take you a week to come up with 10 possibilities. Here are a couple of examples to help you:

4. Step 4

“I’m Pat Smith from Pat’s Plumbing Supplies. Here’s a plumbing tip for you do-it-yourselfers. Hard black plastic water pipe can easily be removed from its fitting and put back on if you fist soften the hard plastic with a hair dryer. That’s the kind of tips you benefit from when you attend our monthly do it yourself plumber nights. We tell you how to do it, we show you how to do it and we show you what to use. Women and men can benefit and … we offer free refreshments. Look forward to getting to know you.”

5. Step 5

Another example for a Builder:
“I’m Pat Smith, Pat Smith Builders. Here’s some inside information regarding new construction or remodeling. Whether it’s a new home, office or addition, consider 2 x 6 construction over traditional 2 x 4 construction. The thicker walls will allow for studier construction, thicker insulation (which will save on your heating and cooling bills) and can enhance soundproofing. …ect…”

6. Step 6

This example looks at a service provider, a Private Investigator:
“I’m Pat Smith, from QT Investigations. Did you know, that I can find out alot about you just by going through your garbage? Be careful about what sensitive information you throw away. Your trash is an identity thief’s gold mine. I recommend everyone get a personal shredder and use it habitually. If you have any questions on how to prevent Identity Theft, I’d love to answer them for you.”

7. Step 7

Once you’ve created your list, boil it down to one tip, trick or piece of information you’d like to share with people. Remember, it should be of benefit to them and position you as an expert as in the previous examples.

8. Step 8

Practice it! Read it to yourself. Read it in front of a mirror. Read it to family, friends and co-workers. Practice it until it rolls off your tongue as easily as saying your name. Unless your name is Jabzerbichtzer Wjskforvbiadrck.

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