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Nina's Hypnotherapy

Having trained as a nurse at the JR Oxford and worked with many hospitals & companies across Europe & Minniapolis USA, l understand the importance of good mental health.
Stress, lack of confidence and unhappiness can cause illness, isolation and depression.
Some years ago l found an effective, kind and quick method to help people get well/feel strong again. Responsive Hypnotherapy is based on science. Often just 1-2 sessions with me are sufficient.
The Zone Clinic is private and is based in Lancing, West Sussex UK.
I am qualified and experienced with treating children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Clients have travelled from all over UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Ireland.

I specialise in removing ‘anxiety’ though l can help any individual who is struggling with an emotional upset/unhappiness and who is willing to change their behaviour.

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