Luke Mead

Caelum Communications

I started the telecoms arm of the business in 2011 via a channel partner model with LMS Group. This model was outgrown by us in December 2015 so we have now split this out to a separate company, Caelum Communications.

Caelum Communications is run by myself and my business partner, Graham Bush.

In 2025, BT will be switching off the ISDN Network – But transferring your telephone systems isn’t a painful or expensive process anymore. It might seem a long way off, but now ISDN is becoming a legacy platform.

We offer telecoms solutions for all industries and can even offer partnership agreements with other IT companies who wish to add Telecoms to their business portfolio. Full setup, advice and support is available during office hours and setup, changes and fixes are dealt with quickly.

A perfect referral for us are any companies looking to reduce their phone bills and, any companies on the old ISDN network. This is anyone with an older style PBX phone system – usually identified with just a white handset with a keypad.

We deal with clients from 1 to 250 staff in size and can deal with sites with multiple geographical offices as well as provide remote access apps for smart phones.

A perfect referral for us therefore is someone with multiple offices and, a requirement for 1 or more of their staff to work remotely – whether that be on the road, in a coffee shop, hotel or, at home.

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