Jim Cunliffe

Face Media Group

Working in the design and print industry since the late 90’s – Jim and his team have a wealth of print and design experience. If you have the opportunity to have a one to one with Jim, take what you can – he’s a fountain of knowledge, and a really nice guy too.

Face Media Group are 16 staff strong, based out of some very nice open plan offices in Portslade, on the edge of Brighton. They service over 35,000 clients across the UK, from small sole trader businesses to large SME’s and international brands.

A crappy business card is a great lead for us. That little business card can open some incredible doors.

I love an SME with an understanding that investment into print, quality design and effective marketing is the way forward.

As a firm, we are very community focused, We love to get involved in community events and support local projects. I am always willing to support community projects by offering the principles a free set of quality business cards, so they can get out and network like we do. So they can raise awareness, support and funding, to enable them to buy print off me, win win. If you know a charity trustee, community project chairman or woman, send them my way.

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