I spoke a few weeks ago about the importance of first impressions…. This week I’m going to talk a bit about how to impress people.

If you can impress the person you are meeting then there is a far greater chance that more business (and money) will flow your way.

Impressing someone isn’t about the type of car that you drive, where you live, or where you choose to eat, it is far subtler than that.

People will be more impressed by your attitude than your car.

People are normally attracted to people who are positive in their outlook and are a healthy source of motivation and try to stay away from the negative ones or from people who carry depressing emotions.

  1. Don’t moan. Most people you do business with don’t want to hear about your problems, they want to know that you will deliver what they want, when they want.
  2. Turn up early and take a few minutes to relax before the start of your meeting. If you rush from place to place then this will come across in your body language and the person you are meeting will feel that you are not giving them the attention they deserve.
  3. Never forget who pays your mortgage and who pays for your holidays. It is not you or your employer. It is your clients.

There are two sorts of emotions, positive ones and negative ones… People that can turn a negative in to a positive impress people, to do this you need to have a Can Do attitude.

Don’t react. Bad things happen all the time, it is how you react to them and deal with them that will impress people. In order to impress people your reaction to every situation has to be a positive one.

If you or your company has got something wrong don’t make excuses, most people can see through those, it is far better to admit your mistakes, apologise and then work hard to rectify the problem. Honesty will impress more than excuses.

Do something that has absolutely no gain for you; this could be for charity or just a random act of kindness for a stranger.

But above all you should always look on the bright side of life.


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