An excellent Education slot reminding us of what a good BNI member should be doing on a weekly basis.


  • Attend regularly and send a substitute if you can’t make it.
  • Arrive early and stay until the end.
  • Prepare a new 60 second speech every week.
  • Sit next to a different member at each meeting.
  • Always wear your name badge during the meeting

During the week

  • Have regular dances with other BNI members.
  • Go to chapter social events – helps build your team.
  • Attend BNI workshops.
  • Always have your BNI wallet with you.
  • Visit other BNI Chapters.


  • Bring as many visitors as you can.
  • Make other people’s visitors feel welcome.

Generating Business for your BNI chapter

  • Know how to identify a good referral.
  • Take all referrals seriously and do your best to turn them into business.
  • Use the services of other chapter members.
  • Be specific about the referrals you are looking for each week.
  • Have a good memory hook.
  • Spend time preparing your 10 minute presentation.
  • Give testimonials – both to chapter members and about your BNI experiences.
  • Be a member of BNI all week long.


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